PCSX2 Review – Best PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows

There are numbers of emulators available on the internet to play your PlayStation 2 games on your PC. But not all the emulators are the best for it and some of them are just a waste of your time and data.

To decide which emulator is best for your PlayStation, lots of tests are conducted and PCSX2 passed all the tests with flying colors. Users also loved the features offered by this emulator and accepted it as the best emulator for PS2.

It is the most complete and functional emulator available for PS2. Each new version and update brings stability and more games with it. The official website is very active and receives forum reviews and feedback every day.

PCSX2 emulator

Having reviews and an active feedback system is a great thing for a user because you will not get frustrated and disappointed with your problems and developers will solve it as soon as possible.

The next best feature of this app is that you can insert your gaming CD/DVD directly into the PS2 and it will allow you to play your game on PC without any trouble.

Games Available

You can only judge an emulator by the games it offers to the users. This emulator has provided a compatibility list that shows which games are supported in this emulator. The games are color-coded for the simple user interface.

  • Green for playable
  • Blue for odd bugs and crashes during games
  • Yellow means you can enter the game menu but not the game itself
  • Orange means you will see logos but not the game
  • Red means nothing will happen

Configuration of PCSX2

At first, you will see a huge array of options to configure on this emulator and it seems a little complicated at first. Don’t be afraid, it is not as complicated as it looks.

This emulator uses a plugin system to handle the chores of mapping the PS2 hardware to the many different species of PC hardware. This system helps the emulator to be flexible, ease off the complexities a little bit, and lets it work on a broad range of hardware on your computer.

In the configuration interface, simply click on the “test” button to know if your PC is compatible to run this emulator without any trouble. Once the test is done, click on the “configure” button to change your emulator setting for your particular game to run.

Another configuration option lets you tweak your emulator and find hacks to run a game that is having trouble starting before. You can manage your SD card, tweak your CPU, apply game patches, use speed hacks, and apply special updates to your game.


As long as you are configured correctly, running a game is as easy as it can get on this emulator. This is a great PlayStation 2 emulator with lots of great features and options. It is pretty straightforward to use and very actively updated.