Name 5 epic commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Simply playing a Rise of Kingdoms with the aim to win a game is not enough. There are several factors that play a great role in the overall performance of your game. One of them is choosing the best commanders In Rise of Kingdoms as they have the power to change the entire game with their abilities. Here, in this article, you will get to know about 5 best epic commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Sun Tzu

The ability to cast an AoE and to enhance damage skills make Sun Tzu is one of the best epic commanders. Apart from it, he has also very good defensive skills for Flag or Garrison. When you enter into a battlefield with Sun Tzu, it is sure going to be a great battle where you can get the skills to do as much damage as you can. Sun Tzu can be kept as a second commander to Eulji if you do not want to invest more XP and stars on him.

Eulji Mundeok

Eulji is another offensive-minded commander, which is very much similar to Sun Tzu. He is a commander who uses water attack to reduce the defense of his enemies. You can use Eulji as the primary commander and choose Sun Tzu as the secondary. You can also pair both commanders to get the benefits of this great partnership. Eulji is a type of epic commander which you will surely want to get to 6 stars and around level 60.

Joan of Arc

PvP match is not all about getting the best commander to help in winning the game and if you need someone who can balance everything with her skills and abilities. Here, Joan can be one of the best-supporting commanders for most epic commanders. No worries if you choose Joan as the primary commander, you can never go wrong with this decision as you can easily focus on the integration path. Joan can be paired with any commander and she will rock the Rise of Kingdoms with her skills.


Boudica is the most unique commander in the game that has the skills to work great for any type of units. She has damage, debuff and disable skills. She is also powerful in healing and raging restoration. Boudica is a good offensive commander and can be used as a primary or secondary to many other commanders.

Scipio Africanus

Scipio is the best epic commander for Free to play players and has powerful leadership skills and talent. With Scipio, you will have higher damage output and also you will contribute more as compared to other players in the game. He also has a healing ability and military life skill.

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