Morph TV or Titanium? – Which one is better? – The Genuine Review

In this age, the benefit of more affordable data and readily accessible internet has lowered the established viewership on TV. Although you may sometimes get to see ads that you’re used to seeing on TV, instead of waiting for content set by a channel, the youth, and other demographics instead now prefer the internet over TV any day.

Morph TV or Titanium TV

The increase in content hosting sites and sites that provide streaming services has arisen a confusing dilemma among the masses. What’s more, the giant production houses have also begun investing in the streaming & distribution business for generating more revenue that has been steadily attracting many viewers from across the borders.

If you are in the market for a streaming app with support for subtitles without subscription fees, you can choose between a few superior alternatives to suit your needs the best.

While all the streaming applications promise to provide you free and HD content along with other desirable facilities, only a mere few can hold a candle to it. There is also a matter of bugs and privacy that is crucial in this age.

Keeping in mind those needs along with a few specific necessities, we have chosen two apps that meet those requirements properly.

Titanium TV

This app is widely received for its versatility among all the audiences across several nations. You can bookmark your favorite TV shows and movies too, for watching them later at a better time. With the support of viewing the content in different formats across several platforms, you can also download them for watching it all offline. The inbuilt automatic updating feature is handy, despite the application’s tiny footprint.

Although it seems too good to be true, Titanium TV app does have few downsides to it. The users can ardently notice the presence of ads within the interface. Even if it does not hamper the viewing experience, the ads certainly do annoy some people who look for better alternatives in the market.

There’s also the issue of hunting for subtitles and being redirected to different unsafe sites or never quite finding the precise subtitles that match the video content. Aside from these difficulties, the application frequently asks for updates and without performing them, you absolutely cannot access their vast library!

Morph TV

Morph TV is although new, it has quickly become one of the immensely popular apps that deliver all the promises without asking for any compromises. An innovative version of Morpheus TV, the Morph TV will get you a vast library filled with manga series, TV shows, movies, and even cartoons if you like to watch them.

Morph TV application also supports Chromecast viewing at unbelievable 1080p and 4k resolution while permitting you the option to choose an external video player as well. Both of these features work without noticeable lag and provides you a strong data connection. Since the services are free despite being backed by developers, astonishingly to our further benefit, the application does not display ads.

Additionally, you can also enable subtitles acquired in more than 20 languages that are precise and without delay. This only makes it easier for you to enjoy all the overseas content or rather just view some movies in silence without missing a dialogue ever.

Final Words

Today we saw two amazing apps that claim to provide you the best streaming experience with a plethora of features under their metaphorical belt. These features certainly make it easier and better to watch your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Web Series remotely anywhere, but we also found few contingencies that cannot be overlooked.

While being a more popular app, the Titanium TV provides nearly all the similar features as the Morph TV, however, the things that set it back against the smoother and better, Morph TV ultimately makes the latter the best choice.

Thus, Morph TV veritably proves to be the best alternative over the equally popular Titanium TV.