Learn to play Crusaders of Light with this quick guide

Crusaders of Light is a great mix of the world of fantasy with that of video games. It involves multiple skills and adventures like dungeon raids that help the player gain experience and rewards in the form of loot. Crusaders of Light is a game that has an extensively designed map as well as a very thoroughly planned gameplay.

There are several options to choose from and several spots on the map that one would like to discover. This is why the game can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner. Many beginners find themselves unable to decide how to go about the game or where to start. Many players cannot compete with seasoned players due to their lack of knowledge about the game.

Here are some tips that will help you get a hold of the game much faster than anticipated-


You can choose between several different types of characters in the game. Each class of characters in the game has a unique skill set and distinct strengths. The elementalists include pyromancer, cryomancer and conjuror. The paladins consist of Templar, Paladin of Dawn and Paladin of Daylight. The warriors are Executioner, Gladiator and Fang of Titanus whereas the rangers are Scout, Forest Guide and Animal Tamer. The last class is that of the mystic which includes the Verity Spirit, Magellana’s Judgement and Shepherd.

Battle System

To do well, one needs to join small adventures of that have 3 to 40 players each. All you need to do in these games is to take on the bosses and collect loot in dungeon raids. There are different modes of playing the game. One can choose a battle between two players or a match between two teams of three players or 5 players. There are different scenarios you can opt from that include open duelling, tournament, Coliseum, Battlefields and Guild Battles.

Change the Mount

There are many mounts to choose from in the game and more will be awarded to you as you gain experience. You can change the mount anytime during the game but will not be able to change the mount during battle.

With these tips in mind, one can be assured that they will be able to understand the gameplay for Crusaders of Light much better and will be able to navigate their way through the game.

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