How to earn credits in Cyber Hunter?

Video games have been gaining popularity with the addition of a new genre of games called battle royale games. These games let the players compete against one another to be the last man standing. The games have extensive maps and complex gameplay that allows players to plan, engage in combat and explore different terrains to make it through each round.

There are numerous battle royale games with different features that make them stand out from the rest of the games in this genre. One such game is Cyber Hunter which is set in a futuristic backdrop that allows players to try out different weapons such as quantum barriers and specialised guns.

The growth of the player depends on the experience points they collect to reach a greater level. This helps them unlock more resources and weapons that they can use in the game. There are several different ways of gaining credits in Cyber Hunter. A few of those ways have been listed below-

Financial or Growth Cards

When you start the game, you can select the menu and check to see if you have any financial cards or growth cards. Once you activate these you can earn extra v-cards and experience for 24 hours. This will help you gain more credit and climb up the ladder faster. Boosters allow you to gain elite supply and the experience will help you level up faster helping you gain access to more resources.


The game Cyber Hunter does have cheats for players to be able to gain credits faster. Usually battle royale games take time to adapt to and it takes a longer duration to finally earn enough credits to satisfy one purpose. These cheats are available to users online and will help them gain a large amount of credit in a short duration of time. There are various cheats and hacks listed online that serve different purposes. You can use any one of them or a combination of them to get ahead in the game of Cyber Hunter.

These are how one can avoid playing cyber hunter for hours at a stretch just to gain enough points and credits to be able to enjoy the game. Try these points today to gain enough credits to reach your desired level and continue playing the game from there.