Helpful tips to raise relationship levels with a character

Gacha Life game provides the number of options to raise the friendship or relationship level with the character you have just started talking with. In Life mode, you view a scene with 1 or 2 characters in it. You can interact with the characters displayed on the screen.

Once you begin talking to a character, you will be given multiple options or you can say the number of ways to communicate with that particular character. Let’s go through all these options and you will get to know how each option works.


When the relationship level with a character is still at level 1, you will be able to use this option, allowing you to talk to that character. Every time you tap to talk to that character, it will cost 2 stamina points. It will increase the relationship level randomly between number 4 and 9.


This option will be available to you when you reach at relationship level 2 with the character you are talking to in level 1. In this option, with each tap, it will cost you 3 stamina points and will raise the relationship/friendship level by a random number between 7 and 15. When you use this option, make sure to focus on what other character is saying to you, it is so because that information might be needed later in the game.


This option gets unlocked when you reach relationship level 3 with a character. Using this option allows you to give a gift to a character you are talking with. Here, you are allowed to give six types of gifts to a character. The friendship points depend on the star rating of the gift, like the gift with higher star rating will give you more friendship points. You must know that 1-star gift gives 10 points while on the other hand, 4-star gift gives 40 points. If you give a character his/her favorite type of gift, the points you earn through gifts will get doubled.


This option for raising relationship level will be available at level 5. Whatever a character said you in the option ‘Ask’, you need to remember it so that you can earn 50 stamina points. This option works like a quiz and with each correct answer, you will be rewarded with 10 points. When all the answers of the quiz are correct, you will be rewarded with 500 points.

Hope, these tips will help you to build a strong relationship level with a character.

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