Creative Destruction – A Brief Beginner’s Guide

Like other battle royale games out there in the market, Creative Destruction is also marking its place in the list of best battle royale games. Many players find this gameplay similar to Fortnite, they say that gameplay and environment of both games are very much similar and give somewhat sane gaming experience.

In this article, we will share some information about Creative Destruction which will help the beginners to know more about this gameplay. Let’s start with it.

Controls and Interface

The game has an intuitive interface with the number of controls, where some of them can easily be seen in the screen like you can see your health, your teammates’ health, the number of resources and upgrades, and others. It also offers auto-run and auto-run features which you can toggle on or off as per your choice. There is a minimap as well, which when clicked displays a larger map.

The gameplay has 7 slots which allow you to equip your weapons and items. After the finish of one slot, all the items near you will get listed. You can also use the joystick to move in any direction, but you must know the usage of joysticks.


There are two game modes – Classic and Defend the Captain

Here, the Classic mode is general gameplay, where you can choose solo, duo or a member of a squad of up to 5 players. Whether you are going to play duo or squad, all the teammates fight together with the one aim i.e. to win the battle. The second type of game mode is ‘Defend the Captain’, in which all the players are divided into two groups and any player is selected as a captain. The objective of all groups is to kill the captain of another team before they kill yours.

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Getting weapons and items

The main goal of this gameplay is to get weapons and items, where the weapons with higher rarity signify as the stronger weapons and the players always aim to replace their existing weapons with the stronger ones as their winning strategy. The different types of weapons in Creative Destruction include Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine guns, Rifles, Sniper rifles, Throwables, and various other special weapons.

The different types of items in the game include Bandage and First Aid, Magic Box Serum, Magic and Outfit Boxes, here the selection of items depends on your needs.


Apart from 99 other players, the game also includes a storm which exists outside your safe zone circle and it tries to kill you. When you are in a storm, your health gradually reduces, so make sure to get into your safe zone area as soon as possible.

Hope, this brief guide will help you to get an idea about how Creative Destruction actually holds.