Best tips to play Legend: Rising Empire

Legend: Rising Empire is one of the wonderful battle royale games which have gained popularity in a very short time. All due to its gameplay where you have to build a city and expand their empire and you have to fight with your enemies to protect your people. The players find this game exciting and interesting as it offers many things which you must know when playing it for the first time.

Here are some of the tips every newbie should be familiar with in order to play Legend: Rising Empire in a better way.

Build a source to earn Silver Crown

The city currency is Silver Crown which is needed to build facilities, especially in trading that requires a large amount of this currency. Due to this reason, you need to build a source to earn this currency, but how? For this you have to set up the market and build the dweller buildings all around this market, it will help a lot in boosting the sale. When dwellers buy your products available for sale, you will make money.

Chat with people and earn silver coins

In this gameplay, chatting with people let you earn a large amount of silver coins as well as intelligence scrolls. You have to select the option ‘New conversation’ under the Adventure section, and then select a character you want to chat and claim for the silver coins and intelligence scrolls.

Discover new items

When you reach castle level 4, you get a chance to build a research institute in your city, allowing you to research a variety of technologies, where you can also discover new items as well. These items can be anything, such as new fruits, food items, etc. You must always have one research in progress.

Go deep into key points of the game

There are several key points in the game that require going deep into them so that you can become master of this game. These key points include resources, units, defense, trading, and others. Like if you have fewer resources left, you can attack other players in order to look resources, while in trading you have to sell products to earn currency. You have to set up the defense to protect your city.

Never ignore VIP Buffs

VIP system in this gameplay is quite different, as you raise high in VIP level, you will be rewarded with VIP Buffs. For this, you have to complete King’s Quest, it will enable you to earn VIP points and improve King’s Satisfaction level.

Hopefully, these tips will help beginners to learn more about this gameplay.

Bonus: informations about military components