Best Gem Grab brawlers for New Players

Being a new player, many of you might be wondering what is Gem Grab and how it works.

Gem Grab is a 3v3 game mode in Brawl Stars for PC in which the main aim of the team is to collect 10 gems. The target is to collect these gems and to hold them for 15 seconds, the maximum time of the game. The team that would be able to do this will win the game.

If there is a tie, then both teams will play more game until one team will get more gems than the other. The best tip for new players in Gem Grab is to allot one brawler to carry the gems, while the other two brawlers will play the game to keep enemy brawlers at bay.

Now, learn about the best Gem Grab brawlers which you can use and win the game.


Nita is highly capable of taking out enemy brawlers and keeping them away from your teammates. Nita’s bear can make enemy brawlers wasted their attacks, so the best idea is to take out her bear as soon as possible to do the major damage. Also, the bear will follow you everywhere, even if you are hiding in the grass, thus may reveal you. She is not being commonly used as Gem Carrier but can give support to your gem carrier.

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Colt is considered as one of the best Gem Grab brawlers that has high DPS and super which enables him to break the walls behind which the enemy brawlers are hiding. Unlike Nita, you can consider Colt to be used as a Gem carrier, but he is good enough as a supporter. It is better to aim your shots when playing Colt unless enemy brawlers are at blank range. Due to his narrow shots, auto-aim can be easily missed out.


Jessie is a wonderful Gem carrier and has detrimental shots that take out enemy brawlers easily. With her super, Jessie shoots the closest enemy, so the best way is to keep turret in a place where it can find and shoot enemy brawlers easily. It will help in putting pressure on them as you collect the gems. Keep in mind that hitting one enemy brawler may result in hitting the other two brawlers as well, so you must aim the shots carefully by predicting the movements of your enemies.


Like Jessie, Penny is also capable of using as a Gem Carrier. Penny’s shots are so powerful that they can do 3 times more damage to the enemy brawler standing behind the enemy you hit the first. So, you must not miss the opportunity of hitting enemy brawlers that are standing close to each other. Penny’s Mortar is something that makes her great, so place the Mortar behind the wall which makes her enemy brawlers difficult to take it out.


Pam is a great Gem Grab brawler that has crazy control on the entire map to push back the enemy brawlers and makes her capable of collecting gems without many issues. Keep in mind to put the super behind the wall so that enemies are not able to destroy it easily. It will let you and your friendly brawlers to heal in the area of the healing turret. Pam, being an Epic brawler, might be difficult to obtain, but if you get her, you must use her in Gem Grab.