Beginner’s tips for Super Mecha Champions – You must know

If you have played battle royale games earlier, you will not find any difficulty in understanding this gameplay. But for beginners, it might be a little difficult to understand what exact Super Mecha Champions involves and how to play this game. Super Mecha Champions is an anime-style action game where you with other players are involved in the battle on an isolated location. One thing that makes this gameplay different from other battle royale games is the involvement of giant robot ‘Mecha’ in the matches.

Now, go through these tips for Super Mecha Champions which will help beginners to play this game effectively.

  • This gameplay has no limit to where you go, so simply have a pilot’s seat on your Mecha and go everywhere around the city. You can walk on the roads, highways and can even climb on the local buildings and structures.
  • Super Mecha Champions offer three modes to enjoy and you can choose any mode to take the winning title. You can choose to play as a single-player or can squad up with other players in two-player or three-player games. If you prefer to play with your friends, the team that earns 40 points first will win the match. But, you can use only one Mecha type and one pilot in a match, so make sure to communicate with your team members for Mecha they are going to use.
  • If you want to move quickly, you can use a vehicle for this. You can also get many vehicles during the looting, but make sure to use the vehicle depending on its ability and your existing situation.
  • It is very important to choose the place where to land as well as where to loot. Buildings are the best place to loot and hide, so always be careful in these areas as other players might be there. So always choose your landing place carefully.
  • You must always look for the best loot as the powerful item can change the entire game. In the game, you can find a number of items and supplies, but make sure to get the right items for you and teammates. Also, always keep an eye to find protective items such as helmets, leg guards, and various other items to upgrade your Mecha.
  • When you are in loot, you may find cards for alternate vehicles. So, quickly grab the right vehicle and rush through the battlefield either to locate other enemies or to escape from the tacky situation.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind while playing Super Mecha Champions on your PC, especially when are a new player.