5 Best Free Streaming Apps to Watch Movies

The lucrative market of Movie Business has recently seen the emergence of multiple new streaming clients that provide a plethora of diverse and creative content to their viewers. Their subscribers are only asked for an annual or monthly fee to receive access to the hundreds of Movies and Web Series available on their servers.

While it may be possible that you might’ve subscribed to most of them, the influx of new content segregated across different streaming clients due to licensing rights makes it difficult for users to find all their desired Movies and TV Shows at one place. Understanding this cause of concern and necessity, various developers have sought out a solution to this need by releasing free streaming apps to watch movies and episodes on your personal devices.

Best Free Streaming Apps to Watch Movies

Today, we’ll present to you 5 of the best free streaming apps available in the market that let you view all your desired movies from anywhere on the earth.


A popular app among all ages, Showbox lets you watch unlimited Movies and TV Shows for free! Stream High-Quality content up to 4k resolution with fast and responsive servers that also provide various formats to choose from along with precise subtitles.

The automatic updates and a dedicated developers team ensures that bugs are fixed timely while also removing broken links and other issues. It’s not for nothing that millions of users prefer this app over similar others.

Bee TV

Watch hundreds of Movies and Web Series on the Bee TV app for free! The vast library of Bee TV hosts global content for you to watch with your friends and family. You get subtitles too with the ability to use an external video player which makes it easy to enhance your viewing experience.

This app is capable of streaming videos in Full HD and even 4k within the provided links which you can pick from the list. The additional feature of bookmarking Movies and TV Shows comes handy when you want to rewatch your favorites.

Morph TV

An innovative successor to the Morpheus TV, Morph TV compromises on nothing and delivers a more efficient and intuitive interface. You can find all the popular and trending movies in the extensive library which also houses Manga Series and Documentaries.

Having a large user base, Morph TV is frequently updated with links and features to give you the best such as subtitles in over 20 languages and the possibility of Chromecast to watch everything on a bigger screen.

Cyberflix TV

A formidable choice in the streaming market, download limitless Movies and TV shows for free on Cyberflix TV. It has subtitles support along with ad-free interface so that there’s no interruption and nothing holding you back from viewing whatever you choose to watch from the huge database comprising nearly thousands of Movies and Web Series collectively.

You can also stream HD content in multiple formats and obtain subtitles within the app itself. Aside from these fantastic features, you also can follow your favorite series and popular movies by bookmarking them for watching at a different time.

Titanium TV

The oldest yet one of the most reliable apps in the market helps you stream all the movies and TV series including the ones released in film festivals and other documentaries. You can watch everything on a bigger screen with the Chromecast feature baked right in the app which does not lag, providing you a strong data connection.

On Titanium TV App, You can also download everything in Full HD and 4k from the library for offline viewing purposes, that too without ads.

Final Words

You will not be disappointed despite whichever app you choose from the list because all of them provide all the basic necessary features to satisfy all your streaming needs.

Download any of these 5 Best Free Streaming Apps to Watch Movies today!