4 alternatives to Fire Free Garena gameplay

Fire Free Garena (download free fire for pc here) is one of the best battle royale games played by millions of people all around the world. If you have not tried this game even once, it means you are missing all the fun of becoming the last survivor on the island. There is no doubt that this gameplay has conquered the gaming world on Android device and PC/Mac as well.

Have a look at 4 alternatives to Free Fire Garena which will give you a similar gaming experience.


In this game, you have to build your fort by jumping in the battlefield full of endless creative possibilities. Play a game with your friends to explore numerous communities. Moving to the Creative hub enables you to find the new featured Islands every day. Get into your favorite zone and collect resources and gear to battle your opponents to be the last one standing in the battlefield. Fortnite can be taken as the best alternative to Fire Free game.


Like other battle royale games out there, PUBG also allows you to enjoy multiplayer actions on different devices. It’s all about jumping into the battle, gear up and compete on four battlegrounds. Mastering the secrets of each battleground and creating your own strategies is something that makes you the last player standing to win. This game revolves around 99 other players, providing various modes. You can play solo, duo or even 4-players team. Here as well, players who played this game once keep coming back.

Rules of Survival

The new arena of this game has come up with deathmatch where you can experience a more thrilling epic scale. The millions of people worldwide choose this game with battlefields that you have never seen before. 300 players get into the battle on numerous terrains where they all fight for their survival; one will survive at the end. The powerful weapons, IMBA vehicles, flexible construction mode, revive system are some of its features which encourage Free Fire players to experience exhilarating battle royale.

Knives Out

Another alternative to Fire Free gameplay in the list., in which five players can play in a team and total of 100 players fight to live at the end. When you have trustworthy teammates at your back, you can pass any challenge and crisis all around the battlefield. Vehicle, weapons and your powerful strategies are always with you, helping you out in each challenging situation of the fierce battle.

If you are familiar with these alternatives, you do not find any difficulty in mastering Free Fire Garena. So, spend your free time with matchless entertainment.

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