3 Best PSP Emulators for Windows PC

Do you miss the old days of playing video games on your TV sets with the help of the cassettes? There were different games like jumping hurdles, shooting the birds and many more. However, with the changes in technology, those old video games have been replaced by the PlayStation Portable, known as PSP all over the world.

It was introduced by the corporate giants Sony to the world; PSP emulators are among the best portable gaming devices to enhance your overall gaming experience. To make our gaming experience unforgettable and smooth, they introduced emulators to the users.

PSP Emulators for Windows PC

Emulators make the gaming experience very enjoyable and enhance the quality of the game. There are many emulators available on the internet, but here is the list of three of the best emulators for PSP.


When it comes to using the best PSP emulator, then PPSSPP emulator has proven every other emulator wrong and performed extremely well and more than expected. It can run your PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution and play them on Android too.


  • It can upscale the textures that would otherwise be too blurry as they were only made for small screens.
  • You can continue where you left off by transferring saves from real PSP.
  • You can also customize on-screen controls or use an external keyboard or controller with the help of this emulator.
  • You can also play on a tablet for big-screen mobile gaming with the help of this emulator.


Dolphin is one of the most preferred emulators for PSP on the internet. Games like Triforce, Wii, and GameCube perform extremely well on this emulator. The emulator is compatible with many platforms and Mac is one of them.


  • It has the ability to start the games regarding the region, record tool-assisted speedruns.
  • This emulator supports the arbitrary resolution, whereas other emulators only support 480p resolution only.
  • It supports spatial anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering which helps games to achieve higher-then-intended frames per second.


OpenEmu is an open-source multi-system game emulator specially designed for Mac operating system. It provides a plugin of the interface to emulate numerous consoles’ hardware, like Nintendo, Genesis, and many more.

It is considered to be the best emulator for the retro games by its hardcore fans and users. It comes with a core collection of gaming projects which provides a smooth gaming experience.


  • The most unique feature of this app is its ROM library, which allows you to import ROM files and view them in gallery type settings.
  • This emulator also features a backend that uses multiple game engines while maintaining the good old macOS user interface.
  • There are graphic fillers to enhance your gaming experience.


Emulators make your gaming experience on PC or Mac very smooth and let you enjoy the high-quality graphics of the game without any drop in frame rate.

So, it is advisable to download emulators to enjoy the PSP!